Gloria Adios - The Circle Opens (Baltimore, Maryland)



Who It Is: Gloria Adios – The Circle Opens; Self-Released (2014)

What It Sounds Like: A more accessible, tempered, and mature incarnation of Envy On The Coast, made for the wide open air of plains country.


The Circle Opens doesn’t waste any time catching you off guard. “Hapscomb’s Texaco” starts out setting expectations with a fairly standard post-hardcore instrumental, which it promptly shatters with unexpected electronic manipulation. The intro leads right into “Captain Trips and the Trashcan Man”, which stays fresh and interesting throughout its 5 minutes of shifting, rolling rhythms and shrill riffs. It has a wide-open feel to it, like a less violent Sky Eats Airplane. The gang choruses slip into indie grooves complete with vaulting harmonies and melodic guitar work, playing on the same musical ideas in different settings in a very pleasing way. The dynamics are the real kicker – they’re always tempering the quiet parts with active drum fills, keeping the shredding balanced with a more straightforward rhythm section.

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The Boundless Depths of Stupidity and Poor Decisions (practice) | Gloria Adios | 07.02.2014

This week! - Baltimore Soundstage with Have Mercy, Gates and Pentimento.

New video for Down to Ground (No Face)

Amazing review of some of our songs.

Next show in #baltimore at #clubk 
Gonna be #rad

Next show in #baltimore at #clubk

Gonna be #rad

#dudes #GloriaAdiosBand

Music video of our song “Wisconsin”, off of our full-length The Circle Opens.

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